"We lost him."

With those words the hunt for Infil 1 is on. But who is Infil 1? More important, where is Infil 1? And most vital of all, what's Infil 1 planning to  do next?

Infil agents are so deep under cover that not even the intelligence community knows about them. Certainly no one has told law enforcement. The only way to be cleared for the Infil program is to click the box below the cover. Get your copy and strap yourself in.

Do you read the news and wonder where we're going? 

Maybe in a Police State of Anarchy. 

2065, two hundred years after the end of the civil war. Is it happening all over again? Don't ask Adams. He doesn't know. Doesn't care. He's marking time leading milk runs upstate for food. And forgetting. So he picked up that girl at Liberty Casino. He was just being a nice guy. Wasn't looking to get involved with the police. And sure wasn't looking to become the rope in a tug of war between the police and Homeland Security.The only thing scarier than facing a lunatic is seeing him in the mirror.

The only thing worse than a dystopian future is one that springs from the seeds of lunacy we're planting today. The more things change the more they stay the same. And you call this progress? 

How was Les supposed to know what these guys were up to? 

There he was, just a guy earning an honest, well, relatively honest living. Squeaking by, barely, until he met Delilah. But Les's more promising love life raised the burn rate on his modest means to the red line. So when Ira mentioned that a national airline had missed some payments on an airliner, Les wasn't in the mood to ask questions, or even to listen to Ira's vague concerns about the assignment. Les needed the money and the Department of Commerce, or maybe Ira's other, more shadowy, employer, needed Les. That was how capitalism worked, and Les was a capitalist. 
So Les jumped at the job, and landed in an African jail. OK. That's bad. But at least things can't get any worse.

Or can they?

Geoffrey's was so excited about finding a job that didn't require making change that he didn't ask questions. 'Questions?' his inner voice asked. 'Take the job. Forget the questions.' So Geoffrey did, take the job that is, and wound up learning a lot more than how a milkshake machine worked and a lot more than he bargained for. The only question was just how bad a stroke of luck meeting Miles would end up being. 

Join Geoffrey in his epic quest to deal with Miles, his landlady Mrs. Lin, and the police as his inner voice provides a steady stream of background commentary and critique on everything from his choice of career to his love life. Who knows. Maybe he'll listen to you.

The time to act is long past. Thank God it's not too late.

When Agnes is asked to send someone back to expose her darkest secret she knows she has to prevent the mission. But Homeland Security's watching and the only other person who knows what happened that day is scheming and Agnes ends up like a pilot flying a damaged airliner full of people in a bad storm.

As the body count starts to rise Agnes ends up in a poker game where she's forced to push more and more chips out onto the table with every lost hand. And these chips aren't just human lives, because the models say that some possible paths of this mission trigger End Game. And you know what that means.

When Kenny Hangleider is lost to a mob storming the American Embassy, these are the questions that super spy, J. Madison Bilby, sets out to answer. Bilby is relentless in his quest to save Tommy's grandson, make the world safe against terrorism, and to walk away with one of the suitcases full of money that Oskar Kisse regularly sends to the Middle East in his quest to infiltrate Al-Haq's network. 

Will Tommy and his chief of security, Fender Bender, save Tommy's grandson?  Will Bilby escape with the suitcase? There's only one way to find out.